Do you want to stand out from other women? Do you want to change your look? Wearing a bib necklace can help you slim down your figure. The breastplate necklace can highlight your femininity and class. This costume jewelry goes with all kinds of outfits. It is the trendiest jewel to own. But what is the history and origins of this voluminous necklace? How to wear it and how to choose it?

Origins of the bib necklace

The bib necklace is not a recent trend. It's been around for a long time. Pharaohs have worn breastplate necklaces since ancient Egypt. In the past, the breastplate necklace was not a jewel, but it was worn to protect the body in case of fights and confrontations. It covered the chest, especially the heart and lungs. The bib did not only exist among the Egyptian pharaohs, it was also found in other ethnic groups of the world. This is the case of the Aztecs and the Incas. Other tribes in Asia and Africa also wore it. The bib was a necklace worn by women and men in many circumstances and events. For the tribes of Africa, the breastplate necklace attracts divine goodness and protects the soul. In China, the bib necklace mentioned the social class of its wearer and defined his or her status. Nowadays, wearing a bib necklace gives charm to your figure and adorns your neck. Bib necklaces are highly sought after by stylists, famous designers and the world's leading fashion designers to enhance the clothing of women of all ages.

How to wear the bib necklace?

If you don't dare to wear the bib necklace for fear of being noticed too much and becoming ridiculous, here are a few tips to give you: how and when can you adorn the bib necklace? You can wear the bib necklace on any occasion: every day to go to work, for a family outing on the weekend, for an evening outing with friends, or for all events and parties. There are no rules about wearing a bib necklace. Similarly, all year round, the wearing of a bib necklace is permitted in summer and winter. In summer, wear the necklace around your neck on a bustier. In winter, you can wear it over a sweater. You can also wear your bib collar with any kind of clothing. But there are a few details to know. Wear your bib necklace according to your silhouette: if you are a plump woman, wear the necklace over a bare collar. If you have a long neck, put on a bib collar that is quite bulky.

How to choose the bib necklace?

Since Antiquity until today, there is a wide range of bib necklaces. It is up to you to choose the one that fits your morphology and your clothing. The wide and flat bib necklace can be made of metal, wood or beads. You can wear it around your neck on an open neckline. It occupies the flagship piece of your clothing style. You will find the elegant and refined bib necklace at leading jewellers and jewelry stores. You can wear it for an ethnic style. The voluminous looking bib necklace emphasizes your neck and chest area. It matches any neck shape: V, square or round. Wearing this bib necklace makes your style chic and unique. The choice of the bib necklace is very important to enhance your look. Avoid a low-end necklace that could make you look vulgar. Choose the bib necklace made of bronze or silver metal. Wearing a bib necklace made of several types of metal is more convenient.