Watch design and modern manufacturing techniques have finally turned imagination into reality. The personalization of one's watch is within the reach of the general public, so it is a growing market that allows manufacturers to find a second wind.  The watch has become an accessory that follows trends and fashion as well as the clothes with which it must be in harmony.

What is meant by a customizable watch?

The watch is not only used to tell the time, it has become a fashion accessory in its own right and as such must be combined with its look.  Thus, a watch is customizable when its appearance has been modified, either in terms of material, for example a leather strap can be transformed into gold-plated or wood or even plastic.  The shape of the dial can also be personalised in terms of its geometric form or its components.  Some stores offer their customers the possibility to engrave their initials or a few words on the dial, or insert photos or drawings.  Personalization seems limitless thanks to technological advances and the use of new techniques such as 3d printers.  But depending on your personality, the watch can be sporty, masculine, classic or elegant.

How to choose your customizable watch?

A customizable watch depends on your style and personality.  So, for lovers of outdoor or indoor physical activities, the sports watch is ideal.  This watch has the advantage of being simple and practical with a fabric, rubber or PVC strap.  It adapts easily to different styles.  To go to work, in a restaurant or at a party, the classic watch is the perfect choice, it blends in with the design of a jewel because of its components with a bracelet that can be made of animal or synthetic leather.  Some watches can also be decorated or inlaid with precious stones such as diamonds, but this kind of personalization is made by jewellers at a high price.  But to look trendy without going broke, it is advisable to opt for a chic watch that can be personalised.  It is similar to heavy men's watches because of their massive silver or gold-plated bracelets.  In short, the choice of a customizable watch must meet the conditions of comfort and avoid watches that are too heavy if professional or extra-professional activities require the wearing of a light watch.  One must also ask oneself whether the watch really matches one's style of clothing and avoid false notes of bad taste.  The practical side of the watch is as important as its comfort, because a watch that is difficult to put on or use does not meet the daily needs of the owner is useless.  The example of the connected watch is often cited.

Who should you contact to personalize your watch?

Almost on every street corner and on the Internet, several companies offer the service of watch personalization.  But in order to have the best quality, the major watch brands have entered the personalization market to ensure their economic and financial survival.  However, this personalization most often concerns luxury watches with a prohibitive price for the general public.  Having flourished, several companies and Start-Up companies have also launched themselves with low and affordable prices at all levels of the market.  This was made possible by the use of 3D printer technology and the explosion of the connected watch market.  Thus, several online companies offer to personalize your watch by, for example, printing pictures in the dial, offering various bracelets or improving the functioning of the watch if it is connected.