In this article, we have chosen to shed light on the different accessories in this fashion sphere. You will discover the types of accessories in this universe, as well as tips on how to choose the ones that will look good on you. Moreover, this platform being specialized in costume jewellery, a particular attention will be paid to these sets. Finally, since you are not the only one wearing them, this article will also focus on the other members of the family.

But first of all, how about a little time travel?

Did you know that the origin of jewels goes back to prehistory? Yes, I did. The oldest discoveries are pierced shells dating back 75,000 years ago. In those days, ornaments were made from bones, animal teeth, shells, etc. Since then, all this has evolved a lot. Several civilizations have even distinguished themselves in this art. One could mention, among others, ancient Egypt with its gold and silver ornaments. Ancient Greece, for its part, associated other precious stones such as emerald, enamel or bronze. From the middle of the 20th century to the present day, three sectors stand out: jewellery, handcrafted jewellery and costume jewellery.

Having said that, here is the promised information

Starting from the head, reveal the following accessories: earrings. Certainly, the most common variety of this type of accessory requires a small perforation of the earlobe. This perforation will then make it possible to fix the earring by inserting its nail or its ring. But on the other hand, we inform you that the so-called clip-on models are held on the ear by pressure. They do not require this microsurgery. However, the sleeper systems are those that allow a better fixation. Their clasp is composed of two parts: a rounded stem, and a part which comes to be fixed on it. The shape of the stem prevents you from scratching your skin. You thus gain in comfort and safety. There are several types of earrings. First, there are the studs of ears made up of an arabesque on a stem which is inserted in the hole of the ear. This model is very widespread and very varied on the market. This allows you to switch easily from one style to another. Then you have the creoles which are surely the most famous. They are in rings of different diameters, from the smallest to the largest. Depending on the diameter you choose, your look will change completely. Moreover, they also exist in other shapes (square, rectangular, wavy, etc.). Their little sisters, the half-creoles, are made of an open ring. They are generally larger, and are enhanced by stones, crystals, or by more advanced craftsmanship. The sleepers are distinguished above all by their closing system as explained above. However, they can take many forms, be decorated with stones, crystals and handcrafted designs. The earrings are grouped together in earrings that give you a greater visibility by completely letting go of the earlobe. They offer you a wide variety of styles, giving you free rein to your desires. You then have the earcuffs whose specificity is to attach to two places of the ear. By combining elegance and femininity, they ensure you a beautiful presence, especially since they are usually worn on one ear. Finally, there are the clips, which also stand out because of their closure system. They are perfect for those who do not have pierced ears.