At the wholesaler, the various displays can be sold individually or in batches. For a sale by lot, it is frequent that the price of the accessories is degressive and depends on the quantity purchased. It is normal to pay a lower price when you buy a lot of 5 or 10 identical accessories instead of one. The internet wholesaler frequently displays very attractive prices, which is explained by the absence of costs related to the infrastructure of an online site and the absence of personnel (rental charges, cost of an employee). Indeed, the online wholesaler can divide his working hours between updating his site, preparing his orders and searching for his products. As customers are at a distance, staff is not mandatory as long as the workload does not justify it and the wholesaler is not a manufacturer. The wholesaler of jewelry displays for professionals is subject to lower cost prices than those of wholesalers in shops, and to expand its customer base, it reflects this difference on the accessories it offers for sale on its site.

Jewelry displays for professionals, at the craftsman's shop

The craftsman who specializes in the creation of displays for jewellery sells them to professionals as well as to private individuals. If he puts them on sale through an online site, which undergoes the same obligations as any e-commerce site, the maintenance of this site requires special knowledge that he does not necessarily have or that he will not be able to exploit for lack of time. Indeed, the craftsman needs very good quality photos, but the online sale of his collection of displays also implies that he is able to produce new products on a regular and close basis, in order to attract the attention of potential customers and to build customer loyalty. However, the craftsman evolves in an artistic field where he focuses more on his creativity than on his productivity and on the marketing of these jewellery displays. The artisan can call upon a marketing or communication professional to help him. The price of jewellery displays made by craftsmen on a piece-by-piece basis is high. These prices are only acceptable for professionals if they have a luxury jewellery shop where prices are also high. Professionals in costume jewellery are less concerned because, although their jewellery displays must be of very good quality, they do not need to be unique.

Jewelry displays for professionals, in nature

The costume jewellery professional can take advantage of the opportunity to find his or her jewellery displays in nature. In the autumn, what could be more romantic than to decorate the window of his costume jewellery display with leaves in warm hues and bugs of chestnuts in soft green still attached to the branches of the tree. In summer, nature is rich in flowers; the red of poppies, the blue of thistles and the white of daisies can illuminate a shop window and give a different look, harmonizing in a natural way with displays made of natural wood. The sand of the beach can cover the floor of the display case and rings, pendants and earrings can be arranged in shells or on starfish. Nature is a source of accessories that the professional transforms into jewellery displays. This idea can be taken up by the designers who create the showcases of the largest jewellery stores. These natural displays highlight the jewels in a bucolic and romantic atmosphere that is not to displease the customer looking for an engagement ring or a christening medal. On a website, the presentation of the jewellery also takes advantage of these accessories offered by nature, such as a bracelet made of fantasy pearls highlighted by an atypical shell, whose mother-of-pearl colour reminds us that each pearl present on this bracelet grew in the sea.