Sales or markdowns are the most coveted moment for shopping lovers. Getting the coat you want or that hat you've fallen in love with at half price is something indescribable. London is a great place to go shopping because of the number of offers and possibilities. And as elsewhere, London also offers the time of the sales where many young and not so young people take the opportunity to make their wardrobe, home decoration, etc.. Then we give you all the details so that you can make the most of it and not miss anything. London markdowns and sales to continue!

London Sales: Information on Sale Periods

When and Dates

Sales in London are held twice a year. Winter sales officially begin after Christmas on 26 December (Boxing Day). If the shops you are interested in don't open on that day, they will do so on December 27th. Although you should know that at Oxford St and Regent St, shops will be open almost all the time. Markdowns extend until January 31st, although they sometimes remain until early February. You can find their addresses easily via online websites like for instance. Summer markdowns usually start at the end of June. Dates vary according to annual work schedules. It is true that the stores in London can organize sales at any time of the year. They have the commercial freedom to choose the date that suits them best. But, for these two sales periods, everyone agrees to present their discounts.

Offers and Discounts

From the first day of the sales, the offers are interesting. You can get articles at 70% of the original price right from the start. But, although the offers are incredible from the beginning, be aware that some of the best discounts are presented in mid-January. During this month, you will be able to take advantage of second markdowns and last minute sales. During these dates, it's not strange to see people simply coming to London for a day with empty suitcases to make the most of the sales.

Sales in London: Discover the Best Places to Shop

The British capital offers a huge list of shopping and business opportunities. There are areas, districts or streets where the best brands accumulate in luxury shopping centres with unique specialities.

The 8 Most Important Shopping Centres

London's department stores are always a safe bet for the bargain hunter. You can find everything in one place, without having to wander the streets. And you'll be able to have a coffee if you start to feel tired without having to leave the premises.


This chain of department stores, which also has a huge store on Oxford Street, claims to sell at the lowest prices in London. No more and no less than 50% off.


To the east of London and next to the Olympic area is this large shopping centre which will open in 2011. It is one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe. It has more than 250 shops and over 70 restaurants. It also has a multiplex cinema, a casino and a luxury bowling alley. Although it is a little far from the centre, Westfield Stratford City is, of course, an excellent place for sales. Your possibilities and alternatives for buying from the latest fashion, cosmetics or sports equipment make it unique.


This new shopping centre is in the west end of central London. It has nearly 300 luxury, premium brand and franchise stores from over 15 countries, plus, of course, restaurants and cafes.


The offers and discounts you can get in these luxurious and exclusive department stores will surprise you. In fact, they usually have a floor or section dedicated solely to sales. You'll find offers for everything from fashion to children's toys. Get ready for the hustle and bustle... Even his typical bears and bags are sold out!!!


Treat yourself to a treat from these stores at discount prices. The discounts here are usually the best and largest in London. Hundreds of items are offered at bargain prices. And if you're a fashion lover, you'll be able to get a good deal thanks to these offers with discounts of up to 60%.


These elegant department stores offer buyers significant discounts in all their assortments. In their January sales, they offer many designer and luxury brand items for sale.


These shops on Oxford Street offer many of their products at half price. Its six floors are full of interesting items with large sales remaining until stocks last.


It is London's most exclusive place to buy the widest range of gourmet food and charcuterie in a luxurious environment at discounted prices.