It is sure that London is the Shopping Capital of the world! Young and old alike will find what they are looking for, that's for sure. Here is a list of all the preferred shops for kids in London!

Disney Store Oxford Street

If you're driving through Oxford Street, your kids will probably ask you to stop at the Disney Store! It's not just any Disney Store - it's the biggest in Europe! The store is 800 square metres! The centerpiece of the store is a 28-foot high castle that is right in the middle of the store, and it's the first thing you see when you walk through the doors. You can find its address through online websites like for instance. This Disney Store is not like the others; it is part of the new generation of Disney Store designed by WDI Imagineers and includes interactive elements for customers! The store uses state-of-the-art fully customizable technology, animated trees; comic books on the walls and music are controlled by a staff member from an iPod Touch device. The idea here is not only to be a place for shopping but also a place of entertainment for children and parents alike!

The Moomin Covent Garden

The Moomins are characters in a series of books and comics by Swedish-Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson. They are a family of trolls with large muzzles that make them look like hippopotamuses (this is a far cry from the image of trolls we can usually imagine). The Moomin family lives in a house in the Moomin Valley in the forests of Finland. But you can also meet them in the shop in Covent Garden dedicated to them. You will find all the articles you can imagine, plates, shampoo, cups, notebooks... there is something for every taste and every budget! It's hard not to crack and leave the shop empty-handed! We love the large frescoes that adorn the walls, and there's even a mailbox to send mail to the Moomins!

M&M's World

It's the largest candy store in the world, with an area of 35,000 square feet, or more than 3250 m² (on 4 floors), it exceeds the size of New York's M&M's World in size! M&M's World is a chain of stores specializing in M&M's confectionery and its commercial declinations (clothing, games, gadgets...). Looking at the huge M&M's World in Leicester Square, my first thought comes to the rent that M&M's has to pay in the centre of London for such a surface, but I quickly understood when I discovered this kingdom of chocolate sweets of all colours that a real business had set up there! At first glance, it's fun, funny, entertaining: photo corners are set up on all floors so that you can have your picture taken with the M&M's "candy men". The aim is above all to sell exclusive objects in these shops in order to amass the greatest number of visitors/consumers. Over the years, M&M's worl has become a real tourist destination.  From a "consumer" point of view, M&M's World is of course a place to buy, but also takes the form of a museum that is part of the journey.

Harrod's toy department

On the fourth floor of Harrod's, you'll find the Toy Kingdom, which is aptly named! There is really something for everyone and some toys are cheaper than at Hamley's (especially the Harry Potter merchandising) and there are also much less people. You will also be able to admire a superb department of Princess Dresses (just for the pleasure of the eyes because they are hand-stitched and the price is inevitably consequent).