With e-commerce sites, wholesalers have found an efficient and practical way to set up a shop to show, promote and sell their products and in this case their jewellery displays. Of course, a website does not replace a showroom or a shop for all product categories, but as far as jewelry displays for professionals are concerned, a wholesaler's website can be enough to satisfy the professional in terms of choice, quality, originality, etc. Wholesalers who sell jewelry displays to professionals on their website must have in their catalog, atypical and different products to position their sales site above the very numerous competition. To achieve this, the visitor must be won over from the very first moments of his first visit to the site. It is therefore necessary to think about the layout of the home page, and thus not hesitate to innovate and play on all the opportunities offered by the Internet. The site must move and follow the fashion trend, the images are in motion in order to capture the attention of the visitor, the potential customer. New products and "special offers" are highlighted by colour schemes or small videos, while the usual products that form the basis of a loyal clientele find their natural place. Professionals in website construction will provide wholesalers with all the help they need to ensure that none of the subtleties of a website are overlooked. Accessories and jewelry displays for professionals should be described either on product sheets indicating the origin, material, dimensions, etc., or with text directly linked to the image of the display concerned. The professional is reassured by so many details and transparency regarding the accessories he is interested in. A home page that stands out with beautiful photos of the products in situation and links to the different types of jewellery displays as well as to the essential pages for professionals: general terms and conditions of sale (minimum order), identification (SIREN number, RCS, etc.), FAQ, delivery conditions (free or not), means of payment and access to customer service (product guarantee) is compulsory. But the site can be accessible from other pages and these links are important, they must appear on each of the pages so that the professional can access them easily. The first moments on the site are crucial, the decision of a purchase is almost instantaneous from the moment the professionals arrive on the site of the jewelry display wholesaler. This internet shop must establish a bond of trust between the wholesaler and his customer, who must be persuaded to establish an unequivocal commercial relationship that will fully meet his expectations.

Jewelry displays for professionals, the wholesaler direct

The wholesaler who has a show room, who exhibits at trade fairs or who works in a large surface area dedicated to accessories for professionals, owns the jewellery displays and can offer them to the professional present on site. The professional can choose his displays live and carry out tests of presentation of his jewelry shop window. The white velvet cushions arranged in a wooden or leather box in a matching colour are perfect to accommodate watches with black leather straps, but how to place the box in the "landscape" of the jewellery shop window. The brightly coloured polyester trees can dress up the shop window for the town festival, but with which accessories will it be in harmony? It's not just a question of selecting displays, the professional must know in advance what their place will be in his shop window. The wholesaler can then be of invaluable help by simulating the presentation of these various accessories, thus reproducing the professional's jewellery shop window. In a showcase, annual festivals, calendar events and even seasons can be scripted. Displays can then be adapted in colour and shape: red and green in the shape of a Christmas tree for Christmas, black and orange in the shape of a pumpkin for Halloween, white and red in the shape of a heart for Valentine's Day, etc. The professional can hold the wholesaler's accessories in his hand and become the purchaser of the merchandise that suits him after consulting the product sheets available next to each display. The professional compares and ensures the veracity of the information. He can also verify the solidity of the displays: metal or acrylic trees, solid wood trays and boxes, leather cases, sold alone or in batches such as gift bags, for example. Alongside all these truths, the professional seems to assume that the virtual presentation of jewellery, on an internet shop through photos, is confusingly simple. However, it is not obvious and it is no easier to make a successful sale on the internet than in a city shop. The professional must be convincing and efficient and above all, he must distinguish himself from his competitors by "standing out from the crowd". In the end, he must win the confidence of his customers in search of credibility.