The bracelet has always been a must-have fashion accessory, but the stacking of bracelets is surfacing in fashion today. The idea comes from African culture, but has quickly spread all over the world nowadays. In earlier times, it was a very useful object for the ancestors, but nowadays, it is worn just as a fashion accessory by young women and teenagers, but in a slightly different way. Around one wrist you can wear different kinds of bracelets. So, to keep up with fashion, it's time to dare eccentricity by choosing stacking of bracelets. Certainly, this new trend makes you different in a positive way, and gives a touch of charm that goes with your style of dress. If you are wondering how to make a successful wristband stacking, then this article will help you to know more about a successful wristband mixing apprehension.

Stacking: how to adopt it?

Today, fashions addicts agree on the accumulation of bracelets, which is also called "stacking". This trend, which they adopt, is a way to give a touch of extravagance to their style with stacked jewellery. The idea is to wear a multitude of bracelets on their wrists. On that note, it is important to marry them well, to avoid overdoing it. For example, if you have a thin bracelet, you can wear from 6 to 8. On the other hand, if your bracelet is rather thick, you can only wear a maximum of 2 or 3. However, you have to keep in mind that it should not go beyond your forearm, otherwise it gives you a touch of vulgarity.

Stacking, when should you wear it?

Usually, stacking bracelets are making a comeback in fashion, and this trend is often seen on the wrists of teenagers trying to show off their styles and tastes, with their everyday outfits. Stacking is mostly worn in summer with more classic outfits. However, stacking luxury bracelets can give you a chic look for occasions by wearing them carefully. On this, you need a more complex harmonization of gold or silver bracelet, as trendy as glamorous, but keeping the rule eccentricity and personality . However, you have to be careful when collecting bracelets. Also, if you don't feel confident, you can ask for help from celebrity bloggers or fashion bloggers. Keep in mind that wearing a rather sober outfit is best with plain bracelets.

Stacking up the bracelets: how to choose them?

There are several types of bracelets, and you can put them all together, but be careful not to make them. On that note, you need to make a marriage with the heaps of bracelets around your wrist. Be it fine, flexible, gold, silver, chain, or fabric. You have a wide choice to collect bracelets for your stacking. However, a successful assembly of bracelets makes you unique and original. However, to help you opt for a more stylish look, it is essential that you add a watch with a successful strap stacking. By the way, the only rule you should follow is not to stack a white gold bracelet with a yellow or black gold bracelet, as well as metal bracelets with fabric ones. However, a round bracelet fits well with a simple chain. Therefore, you should choose bracelets in plain colours and styles that match each other.