Pocket watches have become the latest trend and everyone is looking for it. You may even see them as something you could inherit from your grandparents. Our everyday watches have become so natural that we don't pay much attention to them anymore. But here's the news, the pocket watch has made a big comeback. Never mind smartphones and smartwatches, fashion has turned to antique timepieces, with the pocket watch becoming visible on designer runways. Of course, over the last few decades, it seemed that the watch was dying a slow and painful death. More of us have opted for computers, mobile phones and a host of other electronic devices to tell us the time. All kinds of traditional timepieces, including wristwatches, are becoming less and less fashionable. But pocket watches are back and you can even see many ranges of classic antique pocket watches from some of the biggest names in watchmaking. So let's see how these antique timepieces have come back into fashion.

Old is trendy

The highly cyclical nature of fashion is one of the main factors in the refurbishment of pocket watches. Trends seem to appear, fade and reappear. Today it seems that everything old has become fashionable again. Items such as record players, vintage typewriters and antique pocket watches have all resurfaced and gained popularity among the younger generation. People seem to be placing more emphasis on the high quality of everyday items such as watches, pens and wallets that complement their high-tech gadgets. Of course, the pocket watch has become a natural extension of the trend. And it's the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for the classic, high-quality items that certainly mark your unique sense of style. The pocket watch has always been a timepiece of great elegance. Even the legendary George Daniels considered it to be more than just a wristwatch. He emphasized the feel of a pocket watch and the ability to wear it with you and examine its movement whenever you wanted, features that you simply couldn't find in a wristwatch. The pocket watch also attracts attention wherever it goes, making it a great subject for discussion and intrigue.

Popular Trends

Even celebrities have worn vintage pocket watches inspired by fashion designers like Cartier and Tom Ford. There is no doubt that watches have always been a status symbol, just like designer clothes and luxury cars. An elegant timepiece remains a landmark piece reflecting the unique style and personality of the wearer. It may even show a somewhat eccentric personality. While watches are traditionally handed down as heirlooms or endowed with important milestones, you can purchase a piece of timepiece history for yourself or a loved one. You may also decide to have a special message or date engraved on the back, making it a truly sentimental and unique gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life. If you are lucky enough to receive a pocket watch as a gift, let it shine. You are the proud owner of a piece of ancient history.

The overload of technology

Another factor in the boom in popularity of antique pocket watches is a kind of backlash. The Y technology has become so saturated by the Y generation that they appreciate the beauty of simpler, more mechanical objects. Just take the back of a pocket watch and take a look inside. You are likely to find a host of complex mechanisms and gears.