Women's platform shoes, also known as platform shoes: this trend from the 90s is making a comeback this summer. Platform shoes were originally used for the first time in Ancient Greece by theatre actors. Then it was the turn of elegant women and prostitutes to wear them in the Italian renaissance. But in practice, this fashion was born and improved and tends to come back into fashion periodically. This is still the case this season. Indeed, after the comeback of dad sandals, crop tops, or even banana bags and other fashion accessories of the 90s, platform shoes are making a strong comeback. This year, fashion is in the nineties. The year 2019 is the year of platforms. We will discover some models and examples of women's platform shoes that have become very trendy again this year.

Platform sneakers and boots

In the selection of the best women's platform shoes, we first have platform sneakers. Indeed, who didn't dream of owning platform sneakers in the style of spice girls, or looks from the Beverly Hills and Friends series? Indeed, this kind of shoes, certainly a little extravagant and eye-catching, has become totally trendy again for this year 2019. Even if we're talking about women's fashion, men have also succumbed to sneakers and platform boots at one time. This was the case for the artists (male and female) of the Abba group during the 1970s. Over the years, platform boots have undergone a new style called "new rock" which is a trend among gothic fashion followers. There are also platform boots that are very comfortable and can be worn on a variety of occasions, even on social occasions.

Platform or wedge sandals

Combining the comfortable and the sexy, platform sandals are in the must-have list of this summer 2019. Indeed, platforms are a comfort brand because they help these ladies to be comfortable in their platform shoes and sandals. With this kind of shoes, there is less risk of getting tired. They therefore offer all the advantages of platform shoes without the disadvantages. Platform sandals, on the other hand, underwent a real evolution in the 1930s. Both pleasant to wear and very feminine, platform sandals can be worn all day long, to go to work or for a short walk in the city. These types of shoes are really made for those who want to be perched on a few centimetres of heel without tiring their back and calves.

Why choose platform shoes?

Platform shoes are shoes for those who want to be seen. Indeed, because of their aesthetics and their imposing stature, this type of shoe is made to stylize the appearance. To have a unique look, it's ideal. However, it is important to avoid overdoing it.  It is preferable and very advisable to associate platforms with rather sober and discreet clothing: a small slim jeans, a mini skirt or a small midi dress. There are so many types of platform shoes for every occasion. Platform shoe enthusiasts will find their happiness in this platform trend because it combines the advantage of platform shoes without causing health problems related to wearing heels.