Not so long ago, we were still wondering if the banana bag could make a triumphant comeback after seeing a few models resurface. Today, we're sure the banana bag is back. And it's coming back in force! Street style, fashion shows, and even the dressing rooms of influential women are full of them. Why is this 90's fashion making a comeback now? What are the reasons for this trend? This article gives some explanations.

What attracts people to the banana bag?

We can't ignore the practicality of the banana bag. Indeed, it frees up hands and arms, and that pleases everyone. It gives a feeling of agility that no other accessory can offer. There is a misconception that the banana bag is only available in a sportswear version. That's normal, because it's the most popular version in nature films and documentaries... But in real life, it does exist in a glamorous, ethnic and chic version. In fact, it's quite easy to fall for the banana bag. All generations and categories of people will find a shape and type of banana bag that suits their culture and preferences. Also, it's impossible not to talk about the retro style that is currently invading fashion. Indeed, the banana bag is making a strong comeback in the context of the retro fashion that has become widespread these days. You may have noticed that more and more accessories and outfits are inspired by the fashion of the 70's and 80's, a bit like an epidemic of vintage style. The feminine gender, as usual is privileged when it comes to accessories of this kind, there is now a mini banana bag for women.

How to wear the banana bag?

There is a common misconception that the banana bag is only worn around the waist. This is quite understandable because this is the most common image. However, this is not true. Depending on the point of view one adopts on the use of the banana bag, there are two types of people: the purists, are those who think that it is an accessory that should be used as a belt and the fashionitas are those who dare to say that you can wear the banana bag on other parts of the body such as the shoulder or as a shoulder strap. Chances are that this is a discovery for you, if you are not used to discussing this subject. In fact, the only rule for carrying a banana bag is to have fun! Its shape gives its owner a great deal of freedom in the way he or she carries it. The banana bag offers the possibility of a wide choice of outfit that can accompany it (or rather, it is the bag that accompanies the outfit): high waist jeans, oversize blazer, long dress, flounced blouse, ... It is also a good idea to wear it over a pantsuit to mark your size.

How to choose between the banana bag models ?

The choice of the model is important, because each person has the style that suits him or her. There is no standard model that fits everyone. First of all, this choice should be made according to your fashion style: those who are street style will feel more in their element if they choose the XXL model. For those who are more preppy or chic, the mini-format seems to fit their styles better, whether it's in silver fabric, leather or gold. The noble material gives cachet to the whole outfit of the wearer by highlighting the trendy touch thanks to the shape of the banana bag.