Summer is often the time for holidays and most of that time is spent on the beach. But beach means sand, relaxation, sun and in this sense warmth and hats off. Of course, a hat is an accessory that protects you from sunburn, but it can also help you enhance your look. It is then important to know how to choose it according to its morphology and according to the accessories and the outfit that will go with it.

The borsalino: the perfect hat for a chic beach outfit

Choosing a summer hat is no coincidence. You must first consider your beachwear. With this in mind, you are advised to wear a hat with a rather chic beach outfit, with a beach kimono for example. Whether it is a long, small, studded borsalino or with wide brim, this accessory will bring a touch of elegance to your outfit. It will be your ideal hairstyling accessory for this summer if you have a small face. Indeed, the borsalino is a hat with a high cap. It will help you to enlarge your face. The same goes for those who have a round face with no angular lines. It is then advisable to wear accessories that can give this kind of face more graphic shapes in order to give it structure. This is where the borsalino comes into play, which is able to give your face a certain geometry of lines. In addition, it is able to give you a perfect male-female look.

Hats: to protect yourself from the sun and embellish your outfit

In the past, this hat called Capeline was reserved for an ancient fashion. This is no more! Nowadays, with the advent of the 60's pin up trend, it is put forward in fashion. Several styles can be associated with this hat whether it is a bow, made of straw, has stripes, etc. In order to enhance your style, it is recommended that you wear it with a large pair of glasses. As far as the morphology of the face is concerned: the hat will suit you very well if you have an oval face. You should know that this face shape is adapted to all types of hats, whether it is a floppy hat or other. That is to say, a real head with a hat. On the other hand, for those who have a long face, the goal is to harmonize the structure of their face by avoiding to lengthen it even more. To do this, it is advisable to wear a hat with large edges, as in the case of the floppy hat, for example.

The panama hat: a hat that conveys a story

The kind of hat called panama is made from a fibre of carludovica palmata which grows only between the Amazon and the Andes on the Pacific coast. To make a standard panama hat, it takes an average of 8 hours for Ecuadorian weavers, and several weeks for a luxury panama hat. In addition to its solid and flexible structure, the panama jacket is interesting to many because of its innovative side. Because of its freshness and lightness, it helps to fight easily against heat. Because of its flexibility, you can roll it up without damaging it. Without forgetting that this kind of hat is very aesthetic and elegant. The panama is a hat is best suited for those who have an oval face with well-proportioned features and face length.