In these areas you will find the most exclusive and sophisticated brand name stores that are very attractive during the sale season. The significant discounts allow you to buy high-end clothing at reduced prices.


During sales periods, it is best to walk around the most important shopping areas in London, such as Oxford Street, Regent Street and the Covent Garden shopping district.


Next to Oxford Street, you will find one of the large shopping centres already mentioned. Also, there are some of the best known shops with irresistible prices. Find their addresses via online websites like for example.


For lovers of fashion and luxury, this is their street. The main and international clothing brands as well as the great designers of the moment, all have their shops in this 1 km street.


This is the ideal street if you’re buying interests are electronics and technology. All types of offers and major brands are present here.


Bond Street is one of the main streets in the area. But Mayfair hides other large shopping malls and the formidable Fortnum & Manson, the famous gourmet shopping mall. The Burlington Arcade, with luxury goods or century-old suits on Savile Row are just a few examples.


Covent Garden also has a large number of stores from all regions with their substantial sales. In addition, it is surrounded by some of the city's most important attractions.


It is a very pleasant area to walk around, with houses and shops that retain the classic English style. Here you will find great discounts in great brands such as Chanel or Vivienne Westwood. But you will also find great interior designers, decoration shops or Daunt Books, luxury bookshops and collectors.


Maybe something less affordable despite being on sale, it's a street full of boutiques by famous designers like Chanel, Cartier, Gucci or Dior. It's also a beautiful area to walk around.

Recommendations for Your London Sale Day

  1. The best thing is to spend a whole day on the balance and choose one or two specific areas of London, so you can concentrate more on your search for offers.
  2. If you're going to spend a whole day searching and walking between offers, it's best to choose comfortable shoes to keep up. In addition, a light backpack to put your shopping in and not have to carry too many bags, a bottle of water and something to eat while waiting in line will also be appreciated.
  3. Make a list won't be too much. This way you can make better use of your time and go straight to the items and products that interest you most. And plan ahead. Since you're going to buy, make your purchase efficiently. Take advantage of sales to buy better quality.
  4. When buying clothes, keep in mind that UK sizes, like many other things, work differently. Try on clothes to make sure you have the right measurements and sizes. And keep in mind that sales "set the beasts free", so look carefully for any breaks or tears.
  5. Keep the tickets. Every store has a return policy, but it is always essential to have a receipt.
  6. The first day of the sale is a kind of war that takes place in stores and malls. Wait until that day passes and go in peace and quiet to find something that is sold out.
We hope this article has helped you during your visit to London. Enjoy shopping during the sales period in the British capital!