If one thing is sure, London is the Shopping Capital of the world! Young and old alike will find what they are looking for, that's for sure. I've put together for you a list of all our favourite shops for kids in London! Feel free to find the addresses of your favourite shops via online websites like https://www.the-shops.co.uk for example.


It is the most famous toy store in London and is without a doubt one of the must-sees. It is the temple of toys for young and old children from 0 to 99 years old. The difficulty is to leave empty-handed! It is the kingdom of temptation: there is something for everyone on 6 floors! There is also a section dedicated to Harry Potter on the fourth floor! There you can find the magic wands of your favorite heroes. You can even buy them in the original box in Ollivander's shop! Unless you prefer a Quidditch broom!

LEGO© store Leicester Square

The Lego© Store in Leicester Square will open in late 2016 and will continue to fill up! And even if the queue in front of the store does not diminish, the wait is finally not so long. It will take you about ten minutes, the flow is continuous and regular and it's really worth queuing whether you're a Lego brick fan or not! Once inside, you won't be disappointed and you'll be amazed with a 6-metre replica of Big Ben and his own iconic mini figure named Lester, an English gentleman par excellence with the Union Jack vest and bowler hat. Set up on two floors, the LEGO Store offers you his world of bricks and colours with the London touch as well! There's even an impressive replica of a subway car (a replica of the tube that took over 4000 hours to build) underground in London (you can have your picture taken with Shakespeare and an English guard in the subway) but there's also a red Phonebox! They haven't forgotten dear Nessie (a Scottish symbol that runs through the walls of the blind). Your eyes are constantly drawn to the next amazing construction. As you climb the stairs, you can admire this magnificent mural of London in LEGO. The details are just fantastic! With some exclusive products available such as the iconic London bus, Lester the mini-figure and offers throughout the year, you won't leave empty-handed for sure!

Forbidden Planet

Originally the Forbidden store opened in 1978 in Soho, it was the third store dedicated to comics to open in the Dark They Were and Golden Eyed neighborhoods. The original Forbidden Planet was owned by Nick Laundau, a former sub-editor of British 2000AD comics and the war title Battle. He continued to manage Titan Entertainment, a major distribution company for American comics that were previously available only sporadically on British newsstands. Today, Laundau is no longer the owner of Forbidden Planet, but remains with Titan Books, a large publishing house specialising in television, books and magazines. The store then moved to New Oxford Street in the 1990s, forming the country's first comic book and Sci-Fi Megastore! It was a boom time for the comic book store - the rediscovery of a new generation of Star Wars films, the fashion for series like X-Files, and the speculation for limited-edition and collector's edition comics!

Pop culture was at its peak!

Since 2003, the store has been located on Shaftesbury Avenue. It's the store for fans! If you're looking for Harry Potter, Marvel, Stars Wars, Lords of the Rings collector items (just to name a few) you'll find them! You'll also find Lego that might one day become collector items: like those Harry Potter LEGOs that I left behind in 2011 on this shelf at Forbidden Planets and that today are nowhere to be found!