For this summer, you want to embellish your feet with an ankle bracelet, but you're probably wondering what kind of jewellery to choose to give you a slightly different look. This article will help you to make a better choice of the perfect piece of jewellery to adorn your feet. The ankle bracelet, both trendy and glamorous, which can be worn by tall ladies, young girls, and even by men. A long time ago it had some difficulties, but now it is making its way back into fashion.

Which ankle to put a chain on? Left or right?

The ankle bracelet, also called an ankle chain, as indicated, is a bracelet worn on the ankle. However, wearing an ankle chain has a meaning, although nowadays some people ignore it and wear the bracelet on the side as they see fit. But nowadays, it is only a marriage of taste and comfort. Naturally, if you are right-handed, you usually wear it on the right. On the other hand, if you are rather left-handed, you obviously wear it on the left. Moreover, this trendy accessory, as sensual as it is glamorous, is suitable for all ages, even though it is usually seen on the ankles of young women, or teenage girls. This jewel is highly recommended to enhance your appearance and help you stand out.

Which model should you choose?

All women, whether they are already old enough, or young, or even teenagers, all want to be up to date with fashion and wear a beautiful ankle bracelet, in order to share their taste and personality. However, there are several models of ankle chains. If you are looking for simplicity, you can choose a sober design or a colourful design, there are also models in leather, metal, gold, silver, and nylon. Prefer a chain set with shells, or beads, or feathers, which are more suited to your style. Also, if you play sports often, it's best to buy a bracelet that is more flexible and firm, and that emphasizes your joint. Also, if you're going to spend your holidays diving in the sea, you should look for a model that is antioxidant and won't fade. Note that not every type of bracelet may not be suitable for your body type, but you should choose one that fits nicely on your ankle.

How and with what to wear it?

There is no particular rule for wearing an ankle bracelet, but in general, women wear it in the summer. However, this doesn't mean that you can't wear it in winter. Of course it goes well with a dress and pretty pumps. However, be careful with your tights to avoid any risk of cracks. Also, as it is a trendy accessory, it should match your pair of shoes. Sterling chains make you unique when you wear it with a cocktail dress. Wearing an ankle bracelet requires first and foremost the wearing of a skirt or flying dress to make it visible and magnified to your legs. With shorts, it is preferable that you wear a woody hemp model with a plaid blouse for example. In addition, it is essential to complete the bracelet with the other jewellery you wear to make the whole thing pleasing to the eye. It is obvious that a thick bracelet does not go at all well with a silver ankle chain.