The jewellery world likes to borrow the image of the snake and this has been going on since antiquity. Indeed, the snake has been present in many creations for centuries. This animal has always been an object of fascination, seduction and fear. In reality, it is the entire world of art that gives the snake a great place. But jewellery seems to be more affected. How can we understand the snake's influence in this field?

An aesthetic choice

Nowadays, the reason for choosing jewellery items is primarily aesthetic. Don't you feel that women wearing snake-shaped jewellery seem more daring and self-confident? It's as if they borrow a bit of the snake's character to impose their charm and at the same time let those around them know that they are dangerous. In general, we can say that it is this effect that pushes women to wear them. For men, snake jewellery can give an impression of ferocity and highlight their charm. In any case, snake jewellery is always a sign of originality and boldness that one wants to express by wearing it on the body. It is quite possible that the reason for the choice is simply the fact that the person finds the jewel pleasing to look at, without adding any belief or superstition. Having said that, we can see that a large number of people do believe that there are supernatural effects associated with these jewels.

A choice linked to beliefs and legends

Many of the people who choose the image of the snake in jewellery do so because of a belief in myths and legends. For example, young people who like the dark style may wear snake jewellery because they believe the animal represents the underworld. For others, it is a protective animal. There is also the very popular legend of eternal love represented by the snake. It is usually connected to the God of medicine. There are even people who go so far as to use it as a protective talisman. All these legends inspire jewellery artists and push them to produce their works in different forms. Since snake-shaped jewellery conveys so much symbolism, the details that are encrusted in it are very varied and artists have a great deal of freedom to express their imaginations. We also see a number of people who don't really believe in all this, who consider it superstition, but who still use these jewels as if they were really paying attention to these myths and legends.

A symbol of femininity

Just the shape of the snake, undulating and supple, is enough to remind us of femininity. The necklaces, bracelets and rings showing the undulating shape of the snake seem to evoke the woman and her curves. In ancient times, according to writings, snake jewellery was reserved for prostitutes. The concept gradually evolved and snake jewellery became synonymous with romanticism in the 19th century. In any case, the woman has always been at the centre of these symbolisms. Nowadays, the pejorative ideas about snake jewellery have almost all disappeared, without having eliminated the inclination towards the feminine side. The snake is also a sign of sensuality and lust, things often used by the female gender as weapons to attract the opposite sex. It is also noticeable that snake-shaped jewellery, thanks to the imagination of the designers, never ceases to amaze the amateurs, as if there are always new ideas still unexploited. The art of jewellery thus benefits from an artistic innovation at the service of feminine beauty.